Ankita Popli

Choose the right background for your painting

The background plays a very delicate role in your painting. Sometimes we want to highlight our subject with the help of background, sometimes our focus is only on the background. 

Some artists want to have plain white colour as their background. This is also a very good background choice in itself because your artwork will be very well highlighted in it.

Because of choosing the wrong background, your focus object can be pressed, no matter how good your detailing is. So let’s read this article and see that we can do some help in your background selection. 

  1. No Background – No background, we select when we want to give complete attention to our subject. But in this case, your subject should be so strong that the blank background should complement it in a very good way.
  2. Coloured Canvas – You can choose matching coloured canvas with your subject and its colour theme. In this, you do not need to fill any colour in the background because your work surface is already in a solid colour.
  3. Partial Background – In the partial background, you do not paint your entire canvas accurately, but instead highlight the colour behind your main object. This can be seen mostly in still life paintings. This is a very good trick to increase the focus of your subject.
  4. Simple Background with no details – To show are artwork more prominently we colour our entire canvas, whether we fill a solid colour or opt for a faded background.
  5. Detailed Background – As the name itself suggests, our background is complete detailed. Many times it happens that we work on our background more than our main subject. Like the sky, tree, etc.