Ankita Popli

What to paint next?

You are not the only one who gets into this question. Rather, most artists are immersed in this thinking. Before starting an artwork, there is so much going on in our mind, the colour selection, canvas size, medium, method, etc. and this thing increases our challenges. So let us try to help you in exploring some ideas.

  1. Paint your surroundings – Even if 6 to 8 hours of the sleeping hours are left out of a day, we still have 16 hours remaining for live study. There is so much we see during the day, our kids eating food, your wife working in the kitchen, your husband going to the office on the bike, your bedroom, the sofa kept in the drawing room.
  2. Study still life – When you don’t understand anything, prepare your inspiration yourself. Still life is a very interesting thing. Put some two or four objects together and then drag them on your canvas. Do you see your colour tubes and brushes in front of you? Why not draw them today?
  3. Follow your passion – It often happens that we want to fill our canvas with everything we see regularly. It is not wrong to think at all. But when we don’t get the idea of painting something, why not sketch our passion, like flowers, animals, people and maybe landscape painting.
  4. Draw roughly – Always carry your pencil and sketchbook with you. Wherever you go, just make rough sketches of your surroundings. You never know if you get the inspiration for your new painting from the same rough sketches.
  5. Go abstract – Abstract art is also an impressive art in itself. You can apply a lot of artwork in the display with methods such as pouring and splattering.