Ankita Popli

Acrylic colours tips and tricks for beginners

Whenever we see a master artwork, we think that we also make a similar good piece of art. We are immediately become ready with our colours, canvas and art materials.

We instantly prepare our canvas with a sketch, but when it comes to filling colours, we get confused. At that time, we leave everything and start searching for coloring tips on the Internet.

If you are one of such beginner artists, then you must go on and read the simple and easy acrylic paints tips and tricks.

Acrylic Colors is one of the favourite colour medium not only of beginners but also experienced artists.

  1. Strokes – Acrylic paints dry very quickly. You have to be super quick to work with them. If you paint on the canvas straight from the tube, you will see a different effect on your artwork. But keep in mind that you should run your strokes purposely.
  2. Mixing – As you know, acrylics are very fast drying colour, so you won’t get much time to experiment with them. First, mix your colours partially with the help of your palette knife. After that, put that colour mixture on your canvas. With this, you will get to see great strokes.
  3. Experiment – Colours play a very significant role in your artwork. If you have chosen the right colours for your art, then that art looks beautiful already. Instead of just experimenting on your canvas, consider your palette as the canvas for it.
  4. Be Creative – If you see something different on your canvas, then you will like it and your audience too. There are methods such as splattering, pouring and stippling that you can comfortably try.
  5. Material – Art materials are available in two qualities in the market, one is students, and another one is artists quality. The better quality you buy, the higher the results you will see in your work.