Ankita Popli

The struggle of famous artists

We often wonder what to do in life so that we get success and we also become a bit famous. A similar feeling comes in us when we take admission to an art college or start making our first art piece. With our very first artwork, we include ourselves in the counting of a successful artist. Then we get depressed after not getting that much success and, sometimes it happens that we change our interest too. If you are like this, then you must read about these famous artists who have not only suffered mental stress and financial crisis in their life but have also faced rejections. Some artists could not even know in their lifetime that their art is so attractive in the world because their work was appreciated later their death.

  1. Claude Monet – Monet, born in 1840, was a French painter. He was the founder of French Impressionist Paintings. He always put Nature and Landscapes on his canvas. His entire life came out in poverty, illness, depression and struggle. It has also been heard that he was also abused by the public for his paintings. He was so disturbed by his situation that he even tried to commit suicide in 1868. 
  2. Vincent Van Gogh – In today’s era, whenever the best artists are mentioned, the name of Vincent Van Gogh is included in them. Van Gogh is known for his creative style. This Dutch painter has given more than 2000 artworks to this world. His paintings such as, ‘The Starry Nights’ and ‘Sunflowers’ are still appreciated today. His entire life went out in mental illness and poverty. He has sold out only one artwork in his lifetime. Vincent was 37 years old when he shot himself in the chest with a revolver. He got successful after his death. 
  3. Édouard Manet – Manet used to make everyday scenes of people and surroundings on his canvas. He was a French painter who did not get much success throughout his career. His parents were also against his dream of becoming an artist. His paintings were rejected many times by the judges for the exhibition. After failing, he made his own exhibition plan, but it also didn’t work and he got poor reviews from the public.
  4. Paul Cézanne – Paul was a French painter who was known for his unique painting style. Famous artists Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso were extremely influential with his work. Like Édouard Manat, his paintings also received rejection by judges for the exhibition. The success he deserves, he got it a year after his death.
  5. Alfred Sisley – Sisley was born in France. Most of the life he stayed in France. He used to paint landscapes on his canvas. Alfred used to live in a wealthy family but he had to face financial troubles due to the Franco-German War of 1870–71. After that, he moved to London and wanted to make painting his full-time career. But he had to struggle for whole life with poverty. His paintings were rejected most of the time for exhibitions. His art was appreciated only after his death.